7UP Club for Global Warming Test
1st Period
Caroline, Anna, Warren, Chelsea J., Sofia, Genevieve, Alexis, Jeremy, Sherman, Sydney, Madison

2nd Period
Maggie, Chandler, Natalie, Ellis, Katherine, Robyn

5th Period
Lauren, Jamese, Taylor, McKenzie, Sara, Nicholas, Erik S., Ingrid,

6th Period
Morgan, Brady, Thomas E., Hayley G., Bryan, Chris H., Kenny, Emily, Christine, Gunnar, Anita, Eric R., Kate, Richard, Alex, Emma, Ben Z.

04 Nov 2007

7UP Club for Weather Test #2
1st Period Science
Anna, Duane, Elizabeth, Warren, Savannah, Sofia, Genevieve, Alexis, Jeremy, Alicia, Madison

2nd Period Science
Thomas B., Sarah B., Maggie, Chandler B., Natalie, Ben C., Mallory, Matthew H., Katherine, Brooke, Jackie, Robyn

5th Period Science
Riley, Chandler C., Lauren, Sara M., Erik S., Simeon, Ingrid

6th Period Science
Thomas E., Hayley G., Bryan, Chris, Kenny, Emily, Christine, Gunnar, Anita, Jonathan, Kate, Richard, Emma, Ben Z.
21 Oct 2007

7UP Club for Weather Test #1
Oh, it's a LONG list this time. There are 63 students who made a 97 or better on this first Weather test in science. Here is the list by class periods:

1st Period Science:
Caroline, Anna, Duane, Warren, Michael, Savannah, Chelsea J., Sofia, Amanda, Will, Alexis, Zach, Jeremy, Alicia, Madison

2nd Period Science:
Thomas B., Maggie, Chandler B., Quaid, Natalie, Ben, Mallory, Andres, AJ, Max, Katherine, Brooke, Forrest, Niko, Haley, Kenny, Robyn

5th Period Science:
Tom, Chandler C., Sylvia, Austin H., Lauren, Marcus, Jamese, Taylor, Sara, Nicholas, Erik, Simeon, Ingrid

6th Period Science:
Brady, Thomas E., Christopher, Hayley G., Stan, Bryan, Peter, Chris, Kenny J, Emily, Christine, Gunnar, Anita, Eric, Kate, Richard, Alex, Ben
22 Sep 2007

What IS the 7UP Club?
The 7up club is reserved for those students who score a 97 or better on any test.

So, if you would like to have your name listed after the next test, you will need to:

1) Go to the study guides page and review the study guide for the test.

2) Make a set of flash cards to study the vocabulary.

3) Take the practice tests on-line to polish up your skills.

Good Luck!

09 Sep 2007

Keys Study Unit Quizzes
The following 22 students have a 97 or better average going into the 3 final exams:

Abby, Will, Melissa, Taylor, Katy, Kasey, Vipul, Eric, Jack, Sharon, Ryan, Andrew, Kim, Caroline, Patrick, Zak, Jason, Li An, Jordan, Anne, Rioghnach, Noelle
22 Apr 2007

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