Chemistry Review Chat Scheduled
for Tuesday, Dec. 19th at 7pm

A chat room discussion has been scheduled for Tuesday night from 7:00 pm to 8:00 pm on the science web site chat room.

Mr. C will be there and you could be there too to ask any last minute questions about the HUGE chemistry test scheduled for Wednesday, Dec. 20th.

Here is the link --- 7HAG Chat Room.
10 Dec 2006

Visit Our New CHAT ROOM!
Our first group CHAT was wildly successful with many students logging in and making comments. Mr C. has turned "ON" logging --- that means that everything you type is recorded so that he can go back and see every comment made during and between formal chat sessions. So.... word to the wise ... no cussing, no bad language, no put downs. Be nice or you'll get thrown out of the chat room.....

Chat Room Schedule:

Tuesday, Nov. 14th: 8-9 pm (Topic: 1st Elements Test)

Monday, Nov. 20th: 8-9 pm (Topic: Elements Test final Exam)

MrC will be "on line" and available for questions. "General Chat" has a limit of 50 participants.... so, the first 50 people who log on get in. After that, you'll get a 'room full' message.

Here is the link 7HAG Chat Room.
13 Nov 2006