Congratulations to These Chemists!
On our recent Physical / Chemical Changes Lab there were several students who did an excellent job on their write-ups.

Items that tripped up a number of students were the classifications of red dye and sugar in water. Did these illustrate chemical or physical changes? Actually, both of these two additives to water are recoverable through distillation and therefore both of these changes are actually ... PHYSICAL.

Congratulations to these twelve expert student CHEMISTS who understood the concept of "distillation" :

Kasey, Vipul, Tyler H., Taylor, Chris, Justin, Eric, Jenna, Sharon, Rachel M., Emmanuel, & Caroline

18 Dec 2006

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7UP Club Expands with Weather Test #2
Weather Test #2 focusing on factors that affect climate -- temperature, precipitation, prevailing winds, mountain ranges, ocean currents, continental shift, etc. has come and gone. We now have a new set of students who made a 97 or better on this lastest test in science.

Carly Bloomfeld, Will Cox, Jonathan Gallagher, Margaret Macon
Melissa Seehausen, Alex Sugg, Meredith Welty, Chris Griffin
Tyler Hinshaw, Justin Lackey, Kasey Skinner, Avery Wells
Vipul Vachharajani, Eric Barefoot, Alex Hilleary, Kim Korzen
Justin Morris, Caroline Stanek, Jeff Brasher, Emily Beaty
Zak Brown, Stephen Folwell, Michael Gwyn, Nabil Lachgar
Jordan Marsh, Tyler Nelson, Rioghnach Robinson, Clay Wash
14 Oct 2006

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Welcome to the 7UP Club!
Students who score a 97 or better on any science test will find their names listed on the 7UP Club roster. The first science test for this year was our test on Weather -- Chapter #1 dealing with fronts, clouds, weather maps, and pressure.

The following students scored a 97 or better on this test:
Abby Jameson, Melissa Seehausen, Carrie Barlow, Meredith Welty, Taylor Bendig, Sarah Hoyle, Mitch Loflin, Kasey Skinner, Emily Beaty, Jeff Brasher, Brandon Gilbert, Li An, Jordan Marsh, Anne O'Brien, Clay Wash, Noelle Wells, Vipul Vachharajani, Angela Vogler, Rachael Weber, Avery Wells, Eric Barefoot, Zach Elliott, Jenna Hoglander, Sharon Jiang, Ryan King, Kim Korzen, Rachel Minster, Emmanuel Momot, and Caroline Stanek.

Congratulations to these students for scoring a 97 or better!
29 Sep 2006

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