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Very cool, just very cool. Here's the plan -- hook up a microphone to an iPod, capture news, commentary, feedback, impressions from students during the Florida Keys trip (saved on the iPod as .wav files). Then when we get back to Winston convert these iPod .wav files to .mp3 and then to Radio Blog files (.rbs). Then we can set up a "RadioBlog" just for the Keys Trip page where you can hear all the commentaries from this year's trip. Is that not too cool?! Be nice... say YES! Let's DO IT!

Want to see the Radio Blog now? Here it is... Radio Blog
27 Mar 2005 by

by @ 28 Mar 2005 02:09 pm
Sounds like a great idea Tom Cooke Clauset

by @ 28 Mar 2005 02:10 pm
Sounds like a great idea Tom Cooke Clauset :)

by Peanut Butter and Jelly Man @ 28 Mar 2005 05:11 pm
Just one problem...where do you get a microphone?

by MrC @ 28 Mar 2005 05:35 pm
Ah, I've got the iPod and a microphone to hook up to it is on order. So... problem solved!

by the MAN @ 29 Mar 2005 02:08 pm
Well sure, I can do it. It should be really really fun. Getting all these feedbacks should enlighten the will be Mr.C's student. But first... buy me a iPOD

by hmm? @ 29 Mar 2005 07:14 pm
HAHA me too!

by MrC @ 29 Mar 2005 08:13 pm
OK readers, now here is a proposal. I'm looking for 2 boys and 2 girls who would be willing to interview people during the trip. They would either have a Radio Shack voice recorder OR, an iPod to use in the interviews. I'm interested in people's impressions of the trip! If you volunteer, you'll have to be available for 2 afternoons before we go to learn how to use the equipment and how to get a good interview! Let me know if you are interested --- first come, first served. (MrC)

by @ 30 Mar 2005 07:53 pm
i have an ipod and mic... could i bring mine and use it too??

by MrC @ 31 Mar 2005 04:48 pm
Anna, you have an iPod AND a microphone for it? Well, yes! You're on. I have picked up a Sony digital voice recorder that'll do nicely ... and have 3 more on order. So that will give me 4 voice recorders. If you bring your own iPod & mic then that'll give us 5! Excellent!

by Fig Newton boy @ 04 Apr 2005 03:30 pm
WOW,..... i want an ipod, give me an ipod, or i shall suck out your b-b-brainzz

by Chris @ 04 Apr 2005 04:37 pm

by he...wouldn't you like know? @ 05 Apr 2005 02:09 pm
dude...what was that umm... Fig Newton boy?

by sciencey @ 05 Apr 2005 06:11 pm
what do starfish eat


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