Science Leadership Heading to India
It looks round, but Internet connectivity has made the earth flat. The world is bypassing American students and taking instead science graduates from India and China who work harder and are better qualified. Check out this Podcast on science and hear the experts talk about the brain drain to India. Click on the underlined link that follows:

Science Podcast

NOTE: This is an 18 MB mp3 file and takes about 30 seconds to download at broadband speeds. It's a radio news show that runs about 45 minutes.
15 Jul 2005 by

by alexis @ 16 Jul 2005 10:53 am
i think that alot of american students dont realize that there is other competition out there other than their peers...partly because it is hard to think about that ohh okay im competing with some one for a job halfway across the students in china i believe are made to work harder that us because things dont come as easily there as they comefor us other words american students have become lazy...

by Great Cthulhu @ 17 Jul 2005 02:04 am
If you think about it, alexis is right. Americans have it a whole lot easier than like every other country. (I'm not complaining, just agreeing.)


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