Cry Wolf Chronicles & Hanes BBS Restored
As of 8/25/06 the Cry Wolf Chronicles and the Hanes BBS have been restored for users and readers.

Monday, August 28th current seventh grade students will be introduced to the two pieces of software and asked if they want to support them for the year.

A plea for volunteers to help write articles will be posted and ... we'll see if the current group of 7th graders decides to follow through and support these two web-based activities.

IF.... IF.... they vote in favor of continuing.. then we'll meet on Wednesdays and Fridays from 2:10 to 3:45 pm. Newspaper reporters will also help write articles for the Hanes web site clubs, sports, and activities.

Also, reporters this year will be trained in "Podcasting" in order to include radio broadcast reports about things happening at Hanes Middle School -- both on the Wolf Team and around the rest of the building.
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by sadjksad @ 26 Aug 2006 01:32 pm
Yes, I'm first.

by Hanni @ 26 Aug 2006 03:55 pm

Can you leave all the previous columns on there. Like all the Dear Abby's from last year on there please? Or do u have to delete it all to make room? If not, the 'anni's would like u to keep them up. If that makes any sense.

[[So we can go back in time]].

by Mr. C. @ 26 Aug 2006 06:10 pm
All previous posts will remain. New posts will, as in the past, "push down" older posts so that they are archived at the bottom of each window.

by Anne @ 28 Aug 2006 02:25 pm

This class is fun!

by Black Jade @ 29 Aug 2006 04:50 pm
Yo Mr. C!

What kind of ties do you like in general? Like patterns and stuff. Just curious cuz you seem to have lots of ties...

by Kasey @ 29 Aug 2006 05:31 pm
This sounds really cool. I'd love to do it.

by Sadjksad @ 30 Aug 2006 05:37 pm
Hey, who is the new Language arts teacher for seventh grade?

by Black Jade @ 31 Aug 2006 06:16 pm
AEli Dell.


by random 8th grader @ 01 Sep 2006 08:52 am
man, u r so my favorite teacher of all time mr. c!! I am so glad u guys brought back the newspaper!!!

by Tyler @ 13 Sep 2006 12:26 am
Yay! Cry Wolf Chronicles!

by vipul's friend @ 06 Oct 2006 10:26 pm
your school is so much cooler than mine

by i @ 11 Oct 2006 05:07 pm

by oops @ 11 Oct 2006 05:08 pm

by i @ 11 Oct 2006 05:09 pm
i am on madagascar page if you read the comments you will know who i am. Hint: not matt.g or brooke

by i @ 11 Oct 2006 05:09 pm
disregard the first post of mine on this comment topic

by i @ 11 Oct 2006 05:10 pm
I go under the alias of jackyl

by oops @ 11 Oct 2006 05:10 pm


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