Dry Ice Picture Gallery Updated

Check out the newly updated "Dry Ice Photo Gallery" web page. This photo gallery features students in all four of MrC's science classes.

Here is a link to the PHOTO GALLERY. A second set of pictures was uploaded Thursday (the final day to the three-day lab series.) [Note: Newer pictures appear on TOP ... older pictures are featured starting at picture #39 and go from #39 - #74.]
04 Oct 2006 by

by Li An @ 04 Oct 2006 08:01 pm
First one!!!! The dry ice lab was fun

by Vipul @ 04 Oct 2006 09:09 pm

by Vipul @ 04 Oct 2006 09:11 pm
On pic#31, you spelled Rioghnach's name wrongly, Mr. C...

by Laine @ 05 Oct 2006 07:06 pm
Omg I have really funny expressions in those pictures!

by Katy @ 05 Oct 2006 07:42 pm
That's me!!

by Tyler N. @ 05 Oct 2006 07:51 pm
I think you spelled Abby's name wrong, and in her group, I don't think that's Hannah, please forgive me if I'm mistaken, but I think that's Margaret(don't you love it when we find mistakes? It makes us feel special!).

by MrC @ 05 Oct 2006 08:00 pm

Thank you for the tips... I've made the corrections!


by KJ @ 05 Oct 2006 08:13 pm
number 51, you spelled kasey's name wrong ^_^

by Vipul @ 05 Oct 2006 08:37 pm
Thanks for correcting the Rioghnach issue... according to her, it's one of her pet peeves.

by Andre A. @ 11 Oct 2006 04:43 pm
Hey mr c, you spelled my name wrong, its a-n-d-r-e-a-n-a(one n), even though i think it should be spelled with 2 n's.

by jacyle @ 11 Oct 2006 05:13 pm
Look on the madagascar comments to find out who i am. Hint: not brooke or matt.g If you guess correctly you win a prize. do not call 790-8845 there is no actual prize, but i will praise you graciously if you answer correctly.

by MrC @ 12 Oct 2006 07:39 am
Andre A., I fixed the misspelling.


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