2nd Nine Weeks Begins
Well, I hope everyone has had a great Intersession Holiday with time to relax, sleep late, and catch up on music, hobbies, travel, TV, and computer games.

Starting right away we'll launch into CHEMISTRY. First up is learning the names of 50 elements. The first two tests are this week (groan!) and the final exam is a week from Tuesday.

Don't panic. This is actually fun! You'll learn a series of great memory techniques that will help you learn element symbols and names. The top score last year was well into the 200s!
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by someone @ 12 Nov 2006 01:17 pm
nooooooooooooooooooo! 50 elements i can't learn those in a week!

by Ronnie @ 12 Nov 2006 01:38 pm
ugh, my dad says i should learn them in chinese!!! Do i get bonus points for that?

by sarah @ 12 Nov 2006 02:40 pm
o poo. now we have to learn ALL the countries in africa AND ALL 50 elements!! good grief! dont be suprised if i say the capital of Kenya is oxegen!!

by MrC @ 12 Nov 2006 01:51 pm
Relax. The first two tests count as "homework" grades. The last one is the one that counts as a regular test. And besides, you get to take the same test 3 TIMES!

by Kay Jay @ 12 Nov 2006 01:56 pm

by Did you say 50? F-f-f-f-fifty?? @ 12 Nov 2006 05:55 pm
3 times! Thanks Mr.C! I would thank you much more if you just taught us the information and let the tests slide! PLEASE ! Oh well, I think I can, I think I can, I think I can. You know, opptimism can really help self esteem! Is Monday a "B"-day (I don't mean birthday!)

by Ronnie @ 12 Nov 2006 06:50 pm
Christine (a.k.a. Stoney) told me it was easy for her. If it's easy for Stoney Xiao, it'll be easy for me...I hope.

by Nameless @ 12 Nov 2006 06:53 pm
Optimisom doesn't help me, people say i'm a natural born pessimist, i'm happy that way, so please excuse me when I say I'm gonna fail....

by Tyler N. @ 12 Nov 2006 06:59 pm
I noticed that on the Homework calender, some, like the math one, say that we don't have school, but the science one says we do. (I am half asleep, I might be reading it wrong.)Please help me be at peace and fix this!

by Vipul @ 12 Nov 2006 07:31 pm
Hydrogen, Helium, Lithium, Beryllium, boron, carbon, nitrogen, oxygen...

There's a 10-minute song about all of the elements in order, all 108 of the named ones... Should we learn that, and then pick from those the 50 we have to learn?

Just kidding. The song is really BORING

by Vipul @ 12 Nov 2006 07:55 pm
Whats up with the CHAT Room thing? I keep getting a message that says that it causes an abnormal program termination.

by MrC @ 12 Nov 2006 08:53 pm
Vipul, the CHAT Room is a new option that I thought might be useful right before tests or projects. You have to register first. I haven't seen the "abnormal program termination" screen. Are you using a Mac or a PC? Which browser?

by Davidude @ 13 Nov 2006 03:26 pm

[From MrC: Do NOT repeat letters in long strings. It forces a horizontal scroll bar at the bottom of the window. Naughty, naughty...... ]

! Why cant we do 55? Its my favorite number.

by someone @ 13 Nov 2006 03:40 pm
50 by wensday! Even if it is a homework grade thats unfair!

by Nameless @ 13 Nov 2006 04:23 pm
Uh uh uh uh , I'm unsure of this.

by sarah @ 13 Nov 2006 04:41 pm
maybe i should get off the computer and start studying. hmmmm

by Seiko Sohamaru @ 13 Nov 2006 05:53 pm
"Daviddude", we know you're welham

and like mr. c said to Takeshi, dont make that scroll bar across the bottom when commenting by doing that "NOOO..." thing or whatever


by Anne @ 13 Nov 2006 05:55 pm
I agree. I should be studying too. But Mr. C, 50 in a week? Really? I want to do really well on this and get a high score. (I can hear my mother saying, "Then stop typing on the computer and start studying!") but this could NOT have been scheduled for a worse time. There are 61 countries and territories in Africa, and we have to learn them all and their capitals and their frankly abnormal spellings. And now we need to learn AT LEAST how to spell all of fifty elements (some which are rather umimaginativly named)and their symbols, not to mention the optional atomic whatevers.


All of that put behind us...

I'm off to study.

by caroline @ 13 Nov 2006 06:37 pm
Yah for my i know the symbols (most of them at least). Now spelling them...............do these have latin roots?

by caroline @ 13 Nov 2006 06:39 pm
*me not my*

by the dude @ 13 Nov 2006 06:44 pm
mr C this is like toatly unfair 50 elements!that is like so unfair.why can't have 100 mr C!

by Vipul @ 13 Nov 2006 07:14 pm
Latin, greek, people's names...

Einsteinium (Es)-named after u know who!
Iron (Fe)-symbol from Ferrium, the Latin name for iron.

by laine @ 13 Nov 2006 07:17 pm

by Little Garrl @ 13 Nov 2006 09:44 pm
stop your whining and
start your studying.
you get a lot more done
that way
(personal experience)

by ~Kimmy~ @ 14 Nov 2006 04:48 pm
K well quick commeny...
Ok just had to get that out.

by dude @ 14 Nov 2006 06:50 pm
Laines so right, dude. two days. evry1 that was in a chat with me (the study 1) would no im not good with elements.

by Little Garrl @ 14 Nov 2006 11:33 pm
I LOVE ELEMENTS! they are so fun!

by caroline @ 15 Nov 2006 03:13 pm
Yeah! The first test is over!

by caroline @ 15 Nov 2006 03:18 pm
Yeah! The first test is over!

by Jason @ 15 Nov 2006 03:53 pm
I can't belive my rotten luck!!! I'm absent for only 2 days and now i find out that I have all the countries in Africa and 50 elements to memorize!!! Argh!

by Jason @ 15 Nov 2006 03:54 pm
How do you get into the chatroom?

by colin @ 15 Nov 2006 05:55 pm
gosh i wouldve got a 104 but i put all of the symbols in capital so i got a 65. thats totally unfair. i dont remember you saying to our class that we were supposed to write the exact same way as we did in the book. i thought about it after i did about 5 questions like that and i didnt think i would b counted off so i kept going.


by Li An @ 15 Nov 2006 06:41 pm
I do

by sadjksad @ 15 Nov 2006 06:41 pm
i don't think that i did too well

by Jason @ 15 Nov 2006 07:40 pm
It'd be nice if i could get into the chatroom. someone please tell me how. pleeeease?

by MrC @ 15 Nov 2006 08:30 pm
Jason, here are directions on how to get into the chat room. 1)Click on the 4-person TV picture to the right. 2)Read the article about chat room rules. 3)Click on the LINK at the bottom of the article. 4)When you arrive at the chat room, look for the "register" link below the login. 5)Use your real name ("Jason") and provide a password and valid email address. 6)After you have "registered" you can log in as a 'registered user.' 7) Click on 'General Chat' and you're in!

by Jason @ 15 Nov 2006 09:02 pm
Hmmm. I got in by using my test id.

by ha @ 17 Nov 2006 03:08 pm
there are more than 50 elements. and last year, we had to learn them overnight b/c for some reason we were behind.


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