The 7Up Club Welcomes Chemists!
Wednesday, December 20 saw the end-of-the unit test in Chemistry. With the final exam posted on the web as a virtual "study guide," quite a few students took the opportunity to polish their study skills and do well on the test.

Below is a list by science class of those
students (40!) who scored 97 or better:

1st Period
Anna, Jonathan, Abby, Margaret, Melissa, Alex S., David

2nd Period
Justin L., Mitch, Kasey, Vipul, Angela, Rachel W., Hannah Y.

5th Period
Andreana, Eric, Zach, Jack, Alex H., Sharon, Kim, Alex L., Rachel M., Emmanuel, Caroline, Patrick, Rachel W.

6th Period
Zak, Tyler C., Steven F., Jason, Michael, Nabil, Li An, Jordan, Tyler N., Anne, Rioghnach, Clay, Noelle
20 Dec 2006 by

by Ronnie @ 20 Dec 2006 03:13 pm
First to comment, BOO YAH! I MADE IT!

by Alex Little @ 20 Dec 2006 04:12 pm
Yay! 103! w00t! hehe

by JASON @ 20 Dec 2006 07:58 pm

by MrC @ 20 Dec 2006 08:06 pm
Jason, go back and re-read the listings. Your name IS included with 7Upers in 6th period.

by Jason @ 20 Dec 2006 08:08 pm
oopsydasies. sorry bout that. need new glasses. or something.

by Jason @ 20 Dec 2006 08:55 pm
My sincerest apoligies.

by Caroline @ 21 Dec 2006 02:45 pm
Yah! I made it!

by Candleman @ 27 Dec 2006 03:08 pm
Hannah's name is incorrectly spelled, and I made it AGAIN!

[Note to Candleman: I've corrected the misspelling in Hannah's name. Thanks for the tip. -- MrC]

by da Blue-Caped Wonder @ 02 Jan 2007 03:17 pm
wait, I thought that I made it... aww. sorry, Kevin. hmm.

down, down, and closing innnnn!


by zephyrus @ 23 Jan 2007 04:45 pm
well, nuts to 7up club. I don't need it. I am in the awsomenator club. and only one other person is! muahahahaaaaaa! KA=awsum
awsum=god-like god-like=god therefor, KA=god.

by Katy @ 30 Jan 2007 04:47 pm
Great job everybody!

by Ardelaine @ 01 Feb 2007 07:47 pm
I do believe i made a 99..... but i took it after cuz i was sick on the day of the test.

by Hammy @ 04 Feb 2007 03:21 pm
yesh i made a 112 or something like that haha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i am on a ROLL lately...chemistry, and then in SS the desert test i LIVED (haha that doesn't count though)

by Drummer Girl @ 06 Feb 2007 11:22 pm
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