Podcasting Class to Begin Tuesday, Jan. 16
MrC has talked to most of the elective teachers at Hanes and the idea has received a green light so far. To be considered for the 6-8 DJ / Sound Engineer slots in the Podcasting Class you have to have the correct answers to these questions: [Note: Here is a LINK to the same questions in a printable Microsoft Word file.]

Podcasting Scavenger Hunt

1. Open iTunes (available for free on a Mac or a PC)

2. Subscribe to the following free podcasts on your home computer and then download the free episodes listed in order to be able to answer the scavenger hunt questions.

a. A School in the Coulee Podcast
(In the segment titled “Learning in Motion – Walking the Line” what is chapter #4 about and who is the DJ? )

b. 60-Second Science
(In 60-Second Science: December 14, 2006 name a “fast gas” and name a “slow gas.” )

c. HanesMS.org – Sound Bytes
(In the segment titled “Are Students Over-Scheduled” who introduces the segment? and who is the second speaker and what do they do on Fridays? )

d. Radio WillowWeb
(In Willowcast #21 – what are the three vocabulary words introduced in “Vocabulary Theater” and what is the name of the student who handled this segment? )

e. Podcast Central
(In the segment called “Science Fair Winners” – chapter #5, what was the student’s name who described his battery voltage experiment and how many .jpg pictures are included in his podcast section? )

f. Science Friday – Making Science Radioactive
(In the segment called “2006 Science Year in Review” what animal may go extinct due to Global Warming?)

NOTE #1: Do NOT post answers on the blog comments and DO NOT SHARE ANSWERS WITH YOUR FRIENDS. The first class will involve another hands-on test of your understanding of iTunes and searching for, downloading, and researching sample podcasts... so, if you cheat on this it's going to become obvious that you are clueless when the classroom performance quiz is given. You can turn your answers in next week to MrC [must use Cornell notes style: question on the left & answer on the right format].

NOTE #2: If you want to be considered for the class you must also have a signed note from your parents giving you permission to attend the class. You must realize that you will miss 3rd and 4th period elective classes every Tuesday and will have to make up any assignments missed. The key to staying in the class is 1) good behavior and, 2) productivity. Our mission is to produce podcasts for our iTunes feed... not to spend two hours every Tuesday socializing. If it turns out that it's not working for you, MrC will ask that you STOP COMING to the class and return to your normal elective class schedule. A replacement will fill your spot from a waiting list.

Good Luck!
05 Jan 2007 by

by Kyung-Jin Y. From Ms Mcnatt's class @ 05 Jan 2007 10:32 pm
i musttt....

by Dandy Andy @ 05 Jan 2007 11:09 pm
Muhahaha, I know how to find anything on iTunes!!!

by Dandy Andy @ 06 Jan 2007 12:06 am
Yay! I finished the podcasting thingy! But it took a long while to find everything. I hate the 45 minute podcast. It took to long to find the answers.

by Candleman @ 06 Jan 2007 12:26 pm

by Candleman @ 06 Jan 2007 02:35 pm
The shoutbox no showy.

by Rioghnach @ 07 Jan 2007 02:09 pm
ERRRGH it's being sooo slooooow...

by Anne @ 07 Jan 2007 02:59 pm
Oh. Hehehe. I forgot to post here after finishing. I hated that long podcast too. But I didn't think the answer was hard to find. Can we turn the answers in on Monday? When will we do the recordings?

by Rioghnach @ 07 Jan 2007 03:02 pm
UGH none of them will load!
Except three!
Four! Oops!

by Rioghnach @ 07 Jan 2007 03:11 pm
Oh. Well, that's just great. Thank you, iTunes, for shutting down unprompted. Thanks. That really helps a ton.

by Rioghnach @ 07 Jan 2007 03:13 pm
.............and now it's not even STARTING. Woohoo.

by Candleman @ 07 Jan 2007 07:59 pm

by Jason @ 07 Jan 2007 09:05 pm
I got all my pocasts, and i just have to sift through... 1&1/2 hours of stuff... (not really)


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