7UP Club Expands with Physics Champs
Check out the new inductees into our 7UP Club after the recent physics test.

Oh the numbers are small but the talent is large!

Congratulations to all of you who studied hard and mastered speed, acceleration, and momentum word problems!

Click on the "7UP Club" link to the right of this window to view the article.

10 Feb 2007 by

by KJ @ 10 Feb 2007 04:46 pm

by Ronnie @ 10 Feb 2007 06:00 pm
how fun.

by bbvbands13 @ 10 Feb 2007 06:18 pm
YAY I made it in!!!!!!!!

by colin @ 13 Feb 2007 03:25 pm
[sorry, no external YouTube links allowed]

by Divine Comedian @ 13 Feb 2007 09:05 pm
Hmm...I'll call your aggressive in-liner, and raise you a sleight of hand artist.

[Nice try. You've been banned from this blog as well. -- MrC]

by Jeok @ 14 Feb 2007 03:04 pm
I made it, yay me!


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