Subscribing to iTunes for the
Hanes Podcast Feed
Directions for subscribing to iTunes -- -- Sound Bytes podcast feed. (Note: We now have 34 podcasts on the iTunes feed.)

1. Click on this link: iTunes Link for Hanes Podcasts

2. When iTunes loads (This assumes you have iTunes installed on your computer. If you don't have it installed, it's still FREE!), click on the "Subscribe" button next to the Hanes "Sound Bytes" graphic.

3. If you get to iTunes and you want to look for the Hanes feed. Follow these steps: a) Go to iTunes; b) Choose "podcasts" from the left menu; c) In the top right 'search' menu in iTunes, type in "" and hit the 'Enter' key. Double click on the ' -- Sound Bytes" graphic and you will see all of the podcasts listed below.

4. Once you have subscribed to " -- Sound Bytes" and you are back in your own version of iTunes (not looking at the iTunes "Store") click on "Download" for any podcasts listed that you would like to listen to -- they are FREE! -- Keep in mind that listening to PODCASTS is FREE -- there is no charge to listening to any podcasts.

5. The next time you load iTunes, right click on the " -- Sound Bytes" podcast listing and choose "Update" and iTunes will download any new podcasts for you.
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by Caroline @ 27 Feb 2007 02:56 pm
First to comment!

by TIFFANY @ 27 Feb 2007 03:21 pm
not first to comment!

by Clay @ 27 Feb 2007 03:33 pm

by zephyrus @ 27 Feb 2007 07:55 pm

thanks, Mr C


by zephyrus @ 27 Feb 2007 07:56 pm

Kevin is subscribed! WOO!



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