Five Days to Go!
Have you studied for the Vocabulary Final Exam?

Have you started packing for the trip?

Found a bathing suit?

Found Trip Journal supplies? (colored pencils, outline felt tip, pens). Located a pair of old sneakers for the night wade?

How about a flash light for the night wade? Sunscreen?

Things to entertain yourself with during the Saturday bus ride? Music? Games? Reading materials?

23 Apr 2007 by

by Simcox @ 23 Apr 2007 08:35 am
first to comment

by chris @ 23 Apr 2007 12:35 pm

by Clay @ 23 Apr 2007 02:33 pm
103 on final exams!

by wafel @ 23 Apr 2007 03:10 pm

by Jason @ 23 Apr 2007 03:32 pm
Jason is nervous

by Zero @ 23 Apr 2007 03:34 pm
im not happy.
but i got a 101 w/o a cupon.

by Andy @ 23 Apr 2007 04:26 pm
Although I have obtained many items for the upcoming trip I have not studied for the exam tomorrow. I hear it is easy.

by ? @ 23 Apr 2007 05:20 pm
okay so for the test tomorrow is it only the vocab that is in the back of the book or is the glossary also?

by MrC @ 23 Apr 2007 05:27 pm
The vocabulary test is pages 61 and 62.

by Me @ 23 Apr 2007 05:58 pm

by Tylerito @ 23 Apr 2007 06:50 pm
For the vocab test 2morrow, is Mr. C going to tell us the word or the definition???

by Hello! @ 23 Apr 2007 06:51 pm
Hello! people of the great and mighty hanes! I like monkeys.

by MrC @ 23 Apr 2007 07:02 pm
For the vocabulary test. You are given a definition and then you must supply the appropriate vocabulary word.


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