Chemistry Unit Overview

Students will learn to spell 50 element names correctly from the Periodic Table AND give the element's correct abbreviation.

This first chemistry test has a special challenge for students. They are challenged to add more elements and their abbreviations, include atomic numbers, and list electron shell configurations .... ... all for extra points. By accepting the "challenge" their total score for the test can be far in excess of 100!  

There are many Chemistry resources for students on the science website. On the "Internet Science" tab there is a whole
Chemistry Web Page of links on topics ranging from "Kitchen Chemistry" to "Home Experiments" to the "Periodic Table."  

Study Guides section of the science web site has additional resources for chemistry. A Study Guide & Vocabulary List and Flash cards are available.  In addition, there are 5 practice tests on the following topics:  1) Element Symbols, 2) Element Names, 3) Electron Shells, 4) Valence Electrons, and 5) Balancing Chemical Equations.