Student Blog #1

30 Aug 2005
This is a demo of CuteNews Blog running on version 1.3.6. This is a possible vechicle for student blogs.

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about cuteblog

26 Apr 2005

cuteBlog,a fresh php/txt webblog,Based on the CuteNews 1.3.6 core,Taken as a whole,it is already a fully functional webblog,It is a pity without trackback,
i think,the templete only need one .tpl file.
it contains 8 parts:
template_comment ,
it is simple and easy to design a beautiful template.

is licensed under the GLP license,in the accompanying LICENSE file or at

1:Download CuteBlog
2:Once downloaded, you'll need to unzip the contents to a temporary directory
3:FTP to your server and create a directory named ajfork
4:Upload all the files .
5:Use your FTP client to CHMOD:
777 (755 might work): all files and folders in the data/ folder
644 (or just 777): index.php
This will enable the script to read/write from/to its datafiles.
6:Open up a browser, point it to and follow the instructions given by the installer
7:Be sure to delete inc/install.php after the install has finished successfully (security reasons)
8:you'd better rename the admin/data/blog.txt,if do it,meanwhile,open admin/inc/,find $news="blog.txt";
change it!

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