Keys Study Unit Quizzes
The following 22 students have a 97 or better average going into the 3 final exams:

Abby, Will, Melissa, Taylor, Katy, Kasey, Vipul, Eric, Jack, Sharon, Ryan, Andrew, Kim, Caroline, Patrick, Zak, Jason, Li An, Jordan, Anne, Rioghnach, Noelle
22 Apr 2007

Physics Test #2 -- 3/14/07
We'd like to congratulate the following 16 (19.7%) students for getting a 97 or better on the Physics Chapter 2 test:

Jesse Zhu, Melissa Seehausen, Margaret Macon, Tyler Hinshaw, Katy Llewellyn, Kasey Skinner, Vipul Vachharajani, Avery Wells, Eric Barefoot, Sharon Jiang, Emmanuel Momot, Caroline Stanek, Zak Brown, Jordan Marsh, Rioghnach Robinson, & Will Stamp

These students understood and could name and describe Newton's 3 laws of motion and apply them successfully in various situations. They understood friction and could describe various types as well as ways to reduce them. In addition they could compute "weight" on any planet (in Newtons) and draw, apply, label, and explain vectors of force as they applied to various action diagrams.
25 Mar 2007

Global Warming Essays Published to iTunes
Twenty-four global warming essays have been published through iTunes. Congratulations to these students for creating excellent essays and doing a great job on their podcasts!

Global Warming-- Part I
"Danger to Animals" -- Carrie Barlow
"Biodiesel Fuel" -- Kevin Anderson
"Climate Change" -- Ryan King
"CO2 Levels" -- Chris Griffin
"Computer Models" -- Amanda Frankel

Global Warming -- Part II
“Drought” -- Rioghnach Robinson
“El Nino” -- Tiffany Larson
“Energy Efficient Lights” -- Alex Little
“Fossil Fuels” -- Li An
“Greenhouse Gases” -- Alex Sugg

Global Warming -- Part III
“Kyoto Protocol” -- Maddy Thomas
“Ozone Depletion” -- Steven Frasica
“Saving Energy” -- Irene Martin
“The Electric Car” -- Zach Elliott

Global Warming -- Part IV
“Danger to Animals” -- Noelle Wells
“CO2 Levels” -- Will Cox
“Conserving Energy” -- Katy Llewellyn
“Drought” -- Alex Hilleary
“El Nino” -- Justin Morris

Global Warming -- Part V
“Energy Efficient Lights” -- Will Stamp
“The Kyoto Protocol” -- Eric Barefoot
“Methane” -- Anne O’Brien
“Ozone Depletion” -- Kasey Skinner
“Saving Energy” -- Anna Erickson
24 Feb 2007

Physics Test #1 -- 2/9/07
Contratulations to the 17 students (20% of the team) who made a 97 or better on Physics Test #1.

Not only were these students accurate in completing word problems dealing with speed, acceleration, and momentum -- but, they understood frame of reference and centripetal motion problems as well.

Melissa Seehausen, Carrie Barlow, Kasey Skinner, Angela Vogler, Hannah Young, Eric Barefoot, Zach Elliott, Alex Hilleary, Alex Little, Taylor Bendig, Emmanuel Momot, Rachel Whitt, Emily Beaty, Steven Frasica, Jason Guo, Li An, Anne O'Brien, and Clay Wash.

10 Feb 2007

The 7Up Club Welcomes Chemists!
Wednesday, December 20 saw the end-of-the unit test in Chemistry. With the final exam posted on the web as a virtual "study guide," quite a few students took the opportunity to polish their study skills and do well on the test.

Below is a list by science class of those
students (40!) who scored 97 or better:

1st Period
Anna, Jonathan, Abby, Margaret, Melissa, Alex S., David

2nd Period
Justin L., Mitch, Kasey, Vipul, Angela, Rachel W., Hannah Y.

5th Period
Andreana, Eric, Zach, Jack, Alex H., Sharon, Kim, Alex L., Rachel M., Emmanuel, Caroline, Patrick, Rachel W.

6th Period
Zak, Tyler C., Steven F., Jason, Michael, Nabil, Li An, Jordan, Tyler N., Anne, Rioghnach, Clay, Noelle
20 Dec 2006

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