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    Global Warming Essays 2008

    In the fall of 2007 seventh grade students were introduced to a unit on "Global Warming."They
    learned all about greenhouse gases (Carbon Dioxide, Methane, CFCs, and Nitrous Oxides), computer
    modeling, ocean level rises, changes in climate, alternate energy sources, fossil fuels, and political & personal
    solutions. In January of 2008, students were asked to look back on their Global Warming studies, choose
    a topic and create a 'persuasive essay' to convince podcast listeners that Global Warming is real and
    that their topic is an important Global Warming issue. Taking their topic in hand they headed to the
    Internet to collect detailed information and then began crafting a five-paragraph essay persuading
    listeners that their topic is indeed important in the Global Warming discussion and encouraging their
    listeners to action in response to the topic. In the mp3 player above you will find their essays in the
    form of audio files. These are students reading their own essays.