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Radio Stories for 2007-08:
This year we chose a topic from Chicago NPR station WBEZ's radio documentary
contest topic, "Dollar Storeys" -- Stories about objects found in a Dollar Store.

Using portable iRiver iFP-890 mp3 recorders, seventh grade students on the Wolf Team were introduced to the
world of podcasts and creating "radio dramas." Here are the guidelines for their first project [taken shamelessly
from Chicago�s NPR radio station, WBEZ, and their 2007 Third Coast Festival contest]:

Dollar Storeys is a public radio project that invites producers, artists, writers and radio fans of all experience
levels to submit finished audio stories clearly based on a dollar store item (pictured below) and lasting
2:30 - 4:00 (min) in length.

Helium Balloon 

Roll of Caps

Toy Pony

2 pk Wooden
Mouse Traps

Metal Bike
Jingle Bell