Sound Bytes is a project developed by Tom Clauset, sixth grade science teacher at Chadwick School. The goal was to experiment with using portable mp3 sound recording equipment to begin to capture and catalog interviews, projects, personal essays, and activities at school. We’d like to give you, our visitors, a flavor of life as a sixth grade student. What better way to provide that insight than through student-created audio recordings?

Many of the podcasts found on the internet feature recordings that last 15, 20, 30 or even 60 minutes. Our podcasts will be quite a bit shorter in the range of two to five minutes long.

A Podcast is:

1. An audio file you create in .mp3 format.
2. A file that contains your own radio show or interview or any audio you wish others to listen to.
3. An electronic file format that allows you to listen to audio on the web.
4. A personal digital file created by an individual to recount adventures, advertise, or publish personal content in an audio format.

Now, why would we want to produce podcasts?

1. It’s a great way to have our own internet “radio station.”
2. Students and parents can listen to creative audio projects produced in school.
3.  We’d like to capture the great things happening at our school and share them with the world via the internet.
4. Teachers can advertise their programs and students can brag about their accomplishments!