Dalmatian Rides Motorbike
A dalmatian which rides a motorcycle has been turning heads in a Chinese city. The dalmatian wears sunglasses while riding the motorbike and sidecar in Nanjing. Its owner says the dog can drive for about 200 metres at speeds of up to 5mph. Some Dog!
04 Jun 2005

Check This Out -- a "Radio" Blog!
Very cool, just very cool. Here's the plan -- hook up a microphone to an iPod, capture news, commentary, feedback, impressions from students during the Florida Keys trip (saved on the iPod as .wav files). Then when we get back to Winston convert these iPod .wav files to .mp3 and then to Radio Blog files (.rbs). Then we can set up a "RadioBlog" just for the Keys Trip page where you can hear all the commentaries from this year's trip. Is that not too cool?! Be nice... say YES! Let's DO IT!

Want to see the Radio Blog now? Here it is... Radio Blog
27 Mar 2005

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