Wax Museum Pictures Posted

Pictures taken at the Wax Museum on Friday, March 27th have been uploaded to the web. Click on the picture above to view the photo gallery. Mr. Marckel will be adding captions to the pictures in the next week or so.
28 Mar 2009

Keys Fish

Can you identify these fish? (NOTE: Roll your mouse over the lower part of the picture to see the picture title & control bar. To make the control bar disappear, move your mouse over the upper part of the picture.)
15 Mar 2009

Balloon Poppers Due!
earlybird All Balloon Poppers are due the day we return from our "snow days."

Here are some tips:
1. Make sure you and your partner have your names on the board and on the poster.

2. Bring a box with extra balloons and repair supplies in case you have to do "surgery" on your project at school.

3. Make a CHECKLIST of items you need to adjust before you run the project.
21 Feb 2009

The Inca Trail in Peru
MrC spent part of the winter break in Peru hiking the 48 km Inca Trail. The 4 day trek ended at Machu Picchu, the fabled "lost" city of the Incas high in the Andes Mountains. The highest point in the trail was "Dead Woman's Pass" at 13, 700 feet. The air was thin with much less oxygen. We had clear days for most of the hiking, but our last day's hike to Machu Picchu was in a downpour! Click on the picture above to view the photo gallery.
30 Dec 2008

Selected "This I Believe"
Essays Now Available

Fifty-nine "This I Believe" essay podcasts have been selected and uploaded to the web. These A-level audio files had good sound levels, a minimum amount of background noise, and were edited correctly. The speaker's voice was interesting and well-modulated with pacing that was appropriate for the project.

Click on the graphic above or this SOUND BYTES link and you will be taken to an mp3 audio player on our "Sound Bytes" web site where you can listen to 59 of the audio files. They appear in alphabetical order by title.
29 Nov 2008

Bottle Rocket Pictures Now Available

Bottle Rocket Pictures are now available for viewing. Click on the picture above or click on this LINK to go to the Bottle Rocket photo gallery.

14 Oct 2008

Dry Ice Lab Pictures Posted
Dry Ice Lab Photos have been uploaded and are ready for you to view.

Click on an individual picture to get a larger version, or enable the slide show to go through the more than 120 pictures.

Click on this DRY ICE LINK to access the photo gallery. Or, you can click on the picture above and it will also take you to the new photo gallery.
11 Oct 2008

Navigator News Club to Begin
Wednesday, 10/8
NEWS2The 7th grade NAVIGATOR NEWS Club will begin on Wednesday, October 8th after school. This club meets after school one day a week. Students who attend are able to write newspaper articles that will appear in our on-line newspaper, "Navigator News." No prior experience is needed -- only an interest in writing articles. Students proofread each other's articles and Mr. C. has the final say on whether an article shows up on-line.

Calling all News Reporters, Comedy Writers, Graphic Artists, and other students interested in writing articles for an on-line newspaper!

"Navigator News" is open for business starting Wednesday, October 8th. Stay after school from 3:00 to 4:00 pm and write articles for our on-line newspaper!

Talk to Mr. Clauset if you have questions about how it works or what is involved.
02 Oct 2008

Work on Your Bottle Rocket!
bottlerocketMonday, October 13th is the day that we will weigh and measure your bottle rocket. If adjustments need to be made you have until Tuesday to return your rocket.

We'll set up the classroom to display ALL of the bottle rockets.

Launch day is Wednesday, October 15th

So, here is a materials checklist for you:

____ Two 2-liter clear plastic soda bottles
____ Strapping tape
____ Two plastic pocket folders
____ Contact cement (small bottle)
____ Small items to add weight to nose cone
____ Paper for nose cone

28 Sep 2008

First Day of School -- August 25th

Welcome to the 2008 - 2009 school year! We're looking forward to a great year with lots of interesting science labs, some old favorites, and some new ideas.

Open House is scheduled for Tuesday, August 19th.

Check out the links to the left and snoop around the science web site. Check out the "Study Guides" web page. This year science labs will change a bit, with computer-graded tests replacing formal lab reports. Extensive on-line study guides have been added to make this transition easier for students.

18 Jul 2008

"How Things Work" & "Famous Scientists" Podcasts Available

Click on the picture above or this LINK to access the recently completed "How Things Work" and "Famous Scientists" podcasts completed by 7th grade students on the 7th grade Wolf Team.

This project was completed as of Friday, June 6th. If your podcast is not featured, you missed this deadline!
06 Jun 2008

Pool Party Pictures Uploaded

Click on the picture above or on this LINK to see the new photo gallery of pictures taken at the end-of-the-year Pool Party!
Later edit : I enjoy my new arrow shed ! You should buy one too ! ;)
25 May 2008

Florida Keys Photo Galleries

Check out this LINK to reach the growing collection of photos that MrC has uploaded to the Florida Keys photo galleries.

Check back frequently for updates! More pictures will be uploaded soon.
New Gallery as of Saturday 5/17 -- LABS (8) + SNORKELING!
14 May 2008

100 + Podcasts from the 2007 Keys Trip

Listen to these podcasts and you will
learn MORE about the upcoming trip! There are many hidden secrets and SONGS! -- Learn the songs before you go and you will be ahead of the game...
Click on the picture of the mp3 player to the left to hear over 100 + stories about the 2007 Florida Keys Trip.
05 Apr 2008

Keys Fish

Can you identify these fish? (NOTE: Roll your mouse over the lower part of the picture to see the picture title & control bar. To make the control bar disappear, move your mouse over the upper part of the picture.)
31 Mar 2008

Refresh Your Browser to See the
Updated Science Web Page
The science front page has been changed to reflect our 4th quarter study unit on Marine Biology. There is a new POLL as well. Cast your vote for the next president of the United States.

In the column to the right, you will notice a number of pictures with Marine Biology captions. These pictures will take you to our media gallery that contains multiple marine biology videos. Turn up the sound on your computer since each video has accompanying commentary.

Refresh this web page to see these additions and updates.

NOTE: Comments for all posted news articles are no longer available. If you have a question, send MrC an email or, talk to him in class. In addition, ShoutBox and POLL comments have been removed as well.
22 Mar 2008

Global Warming Essays Posted to Internet
globalwarming08Global Warming Essays (38 essays made the cut) have been posted to the internet and are available for your listening pleasure.

Here is the link to the Global Warming mp3 Player where you can listen to the essays.

All of the essays uploaded were A-level essays. The recording was "clean" without excessive background noise. In addition, the recording level was acceptable; the speaker's voice was clear; and, the delivery was interesting and varied.

Congratulations to the students whose podcasts are featured. You have written an excellent essay and produced a great podcast. A link has been created and placed on the Hanes web site front page to draw visitors to the Global Warming podcasting web page. In addition, an email has been sent out to parents telling them of the project and inviting them to visit the Global Warming podcast web page.
08 Mar 2008

Ball Drop Lab Pictures Uploaded
balldrop08Pictures from the recent series of ball drop labs have been uploaded to the web.

Check out the Ball Drop Lab Photo Gallery.
06 Mar 2008

Wax Museum Podcasts & Pictures Posted

Click on the picture to the left or this WAX MUSEUM link to listen to the podcasts created so far and the pictures taken at the Wax Museum Friday, February 15th.
16 Feb 2008

Valentine Pictures Give-Away
Thursday, 2/14
Mr. C will give away -- FREE -- to the first 15 people who ask for it -- $2.00 -- so that a group of friends can have their picture taken during the Valentine Picture project on Thursday, Feb. 14th at the front office.

Rules of the Game: See MrC with a list of the buddies who will be having their picture taken and if the $ hasn't run out (only 15 lucky groups will be able to participate) you will get $2.00 to have a 5x7 inch print made for your "VALENTINE PICTURE."

This picture can be you with your Valentine BUD ... or you with a group of friends. The choice is yours, but the money is from MrC.

First come ---- first served. The money is available Wednesday, February 13th.

NOTE: If you sign up and don't participate just to collect the $2.00 you will get fined $10.00 if MrC does NOT get a chance to actually SEE the 5x7 picture that was taken! So, NO CHEATING!
12 Feb 2008

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