Science Front Page Updated!
--- REFRESH the Page! ---
Refresh2With the beginning of the 3rd nine weeks, the front page of the science web site has been updated.

It's time to hit the "REFRESH" button on your browser to reload the page so that you will see all the changes. Now that we are moving into PHYSICS, there are new mini-pages to view on Balloon Poppers, Labs, Cartoon Physics, Physics Puzzlers, and Web Simulations.

For those of you who like Extra Credit challenges, there are two new articles -- one on the Large Hadron Collider being built at CERN and another one on building a space elevator using some unusual new materials.

Also, I've added new items to the CALENDAR, including the Early Bird Special for Balloon Poppers and the Final, Last-Chance Turn-in date for Poppers. February and March go by quickly and so the beginning of the Florida Keys Study unit will arrive before you know it on March 12th.
20 Jan 2008

Inclined Plane Lab Pictures Posted

Check out the pictures uploaded from the recent Inclined Plane Lab on Thursday, January 10th.

Here is the LINK
to the Photo Gallery.

Lots of pictures there. Hope you can find one of YOU!

10 Jan 2008

Winter Dance

16 Dec 2007

Podcasting Stories Uploaded

Twenty podcasting stories have been uploaded to the "Sound Bytes"
web site. Click on the picture above, or the "Sound Bytes" link to visit the site and listen to your classmates' stories.

These are the stories that will eventually be published over iTunes.

03 Dec 2007

Volunteers Needed for Open House Thursday
We need a few volunteers to come back to Hanes Thursday evening from 6:00 pm to 7:15 pm to help out with the Podcasting, Newspaper, or Bottle Rocket tables.

If you might be able to help with one of these tables, please reply below or mention it to MrC in class on Thursday.

For helping out you will receive a 10 point super coupon.
28 Nov 2007

Thanksgiving Holiday (Nov. 21-25)
This week we have two days of school -- Monday and Tuesday.

Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday are holidays with no school. Enjoy your Thanksgiving Holiday (5 days off from school!). See you back at school Monday, November 26.

MrC is having Thanksgiving on Friday (yes, he CAN cook! -- Ah, it's turkey and sweet potatoes, wild rice, broccoli, crescent rolls, and several vegetarian dishes for the Clauset clan). Other plans are to work on the new bottle rocket launchers. My goal is to try to convert the vertical launchers to 60 degree launchers. Wish me luck!
20 Nov 2007

Good News

Late this afternoon (Friday, November 8th) our network connection was restored. Students who stayed after school for Science Olympiad even helped reconfigure computers in the classroom to once again successfully print to our networked printer.

So, false alarm. The Newspaper Club is back in business and will meet as originally scheduled Friday, November 9th.

08 Nov 2007

Science Homepage Updated
30clock_75A Reminder: Standard time resumed at 2 a.m. Sunday morning. Clocks were set back one hour.

With the start of the 2nd nine weeks grading period, the science homepage has undergone a "make over" that includes:

-- New 2nd Quarter articles covering Chemistry Labs, Chemistry Unit Overview, and the Physics Balloon popper project slated for January / February

-- New Bonus Challenges: Fall Leaves + the Incredible Gecko

-- Updates to the Calendar

-- New Poll on your favorite Newspaper section

-- Update on the 7UP Club for the Global Warming Test

[NOTE: If you don't see these changes, "Refresh" your browser!]
03 Nov 2007

No Newspaper this Friday... instead come to
help out with Campus Cleanup 2-4 pm
Newspaper Club will NOT meet this Friday. Instead, we will close down the news room, shut off the computers, and head out to the Hanes Middle School grounds to pick up trash and help spread pine needles in weeded flower & plant beds.
01 Nov 2007

Bottle Rocket Pictures Uploaded!

Bottle rocket pictures taken Tuesday, October 23rd have been uploaded to a PHOTO GALLERY.

Click on the link above to see the pictures.
23 Oct 2007

Coming Events

Monday -- Global Warming Test

Monday -- Turn in Date for Bottle Rocket

Tuesday -- Launch Date for Bottle Rocket

17 Oct 2007

Newspaper Club Pictures Posted

Pictures taken from the last Newspaper Club meeting on 10/12/07 have been uploaded to a Photo Gallery.

We'll add more pictures in the next several weeks, so if you didn't get your picture added to the collection, there will be other opportunities.

14 Oct 2007

Dry Ice Lab Pictures Uploaded!
DryIce07Pictures from our recent Dry Ice Lab series have been uploaded to a new picture-sharing web site that will handle classroom browsing.

Check out the over 150+ pictures in this new DRY ICE PHOTO GALLERY. First names will be added soon to the picture database.

08 Oct 2007

Student Pictures Uploaded!
KidPicts07Pictures taken earlier this year have been posted on the web.

Click on this link to access the .....
Class of 2007-08 class photos. And yes, I know that you hate your picture! It's only normal. The first reaction that most students have is that they think their picture is just awful! Oh well, you'll have to get used to it....

There are two students who were absent during the picture taking session -- Ingrid and Elisabeth. We'll add those later. For now... enjoy.
06 Oct 2007

Science Olympiad Meeting
Moves to Thursday!
Seventh and Eighth Grade Students -- please take note!

The Science Olympiad information meeting has been moved to Thursday, October 4th to accommodate 6th grade students who will be away on a field trip this Friday.

The Newspaper Club will meet as usual this Friday.
02 Oct 2007

Balloon & Flask Lab Pictures Posted

Click on the picture or the link provided to check out the Balloon & Flask Lab photo gallery!

There are 53 pictures in the gallery with shots from all science class periods.
28 Sep 2007

Newspaper Club to Start This Week
newspaperThe "Cry Wolf Chronicles" will start production this week. If you like writing -- or -- if you like working with graphics or are an aspiring artist and would like to join our staff, there are no requirements -- other than showing up on Tuesday or Friday afternoons from 2:15 to 3:30. Sorry 8th graders, this year the club is only open to 7th grade students.

Newspaper sections include:
1) News
2) Sports
3) Guess Who
4) Dear Abby
5) Reviews
6) Cartoons
7) Rants & Raves
8) Riddles
09 Sep 2007

First Day of School -- Monday, Aug. 27

Welcome to the 2007 - 2008 school year! We're looking forward to a great year with lots of interesting science labs, some old favorites, and some new ideas.

Open House is now over and we are heading into the LAST FREE WEEKEND! Sleep late, gather your strength and on Monday, we'll be off and running for a new school year.

Check out the links to the left and snoop around the science web site. New this year will be a series of "Scavenger Hunts" for seventh graders to FIND details hidden within pages on the science web site.

22 Aug 2007

School's OUT!
schoolsoutWell, it's over. I'll miss you. Have a great summer vacation and come back to visit me next year. Tell me all about your adventures over the summer .... summer camp, visits to the beach, classes, lessons, travel out of state, you name it!

Don't be sad that the web page has changed. Yes, I have set it up for rising 7th graders for the start of the year. You can handle it! Don't be sad... just keep in touch! Hey, we spent a year together and that means a lot to me. Even though you have to move on to eighth grade, I still want to know how you are getting along!

By the way, check out the new POLL in the bottom right hand corner of the web page and vote for your favorite activity this summer. Remember, I'll ALWAYS be interested in what you are doing and thinking ... so, check in frequently.
10 Jun 2007

Pool Party Pictures Now Available

Click on the picture above to go to the new photo gallery.
There are 135 pictures, so it might take awhile to load....

25 May 2007

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