7th Grade Podcasting Project

Using portable iRiver FP-895 mp3 recorders, seventh grade students on the Wolf Team will be introduced to the world of podcasts and creating audio files during the 2006-’07 school year. Here are the guidelines for their first project — [taken shamelessly from Chicago’s NPR radio station, WBEZ, and their 2006 Third Coast Festival contest]:

FIRST SENTENCE Each submission must begin with the following opening sentence, either directly narrated or interpreted otherwise, for instance through sound, metaphor or dramatization: “To begin with, they never got along.” SOUNDS Each submission must include the following sounds, interpreted literally, figuratively or however else a producer wishes. The sounds must appear in the order listed here, but may occur in the piece at any time, and for whatever length a producer wishes. The sounds may be recorded or found, or metaphorical, real or invented.

a pre-recorded voice Examples: answering machine messages / public transportation announcements / a found cassette from the thrift store / electronic doll voices / automatic check-out at the grocery
a rhythmic noise Examples: jackhammer / clock ticking / hoofbeats / windshield wipers / car alarm / applause
an exclamation Examples: Ouch! / Get off of my foot! / Put your hands up in the air! / Swing, batter! —–Note: While expletives are not forbidden, keep in mind your story might air on the radio.

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