Bonus Coupon



Cut out this Web Coupon. USE IT on the next TEST!
1. Print this page.

2. Cut out the coupon & write in the date of the test.

3. Sign the coupon with your first & last name.

4. Bring it to class the day of the test.

5. Bring supporting evidence that you have studied for the test. 
      a. A complete set of quiz questions (with answers.)
      b. Evidence you have taken the gFlash quiz at least twice 
      c. Screen shot on your iPad of the on-line practice test showing:
             1. Your score on the test with your name
             2. Score should be 90 or better.

6. When you turn the test in staple the coupon to the front of your test and have your supporting evidence ready to show Mr. C. NOTE: We may do the bonus work the day AFTER the test /essay.

7. After MrC sees your supporting evidence, he will sign the coupon and write in the number of bonus points you have earned.

The Bonus Coupon shown on this page is available for all major TESTS. You must EARN the coupon by bringing to class proof that you have one or more of the following items in your possession (in class) the day of the test:

1. A completely filled out set of Quiz Questions for the chapter being studied. This means that you must not only print out the questions, but you must have researched and written in the ANSWERS for each set of questions.

2. We used to create our own flash cards out of paper. Now, they are available on the iPad. You must enable the "quiz" function with gFlash and show that you have taken the quiz at least twice.    

3. With the iPad you can take a screen shot of the on-line practice test. The screen shot should show your name at the top along with a score of 90 or better.

NOTE: Having the coupon or any or all of the supporting evidence at home or in your locker DOES NOT COUNT. You must have it ALL in class the day of the test or on the appointed "Bonus Coupon Day."

NOTE: This coupon is good only on major TESTS.

NOTE: You may only use ONE COUPON on a test.