Balloon Poppers


Research, design, and construct a chain reaction (domino effect) of simple  machines that will transport a marble through a series of tracks & simple machines from start to finish -- with  the final action (or somewhere along the way) setting off a sequence that will pop one or more balloons.



Basic Items   Supplies Layout



1) Gears = 10 pts. ( 1 set of two connected and fully functioning gears in your project)  
      (extra gears = 5 pts. per set)

2) All 6 Simple Machines = 10 pt. bonus if you include ALL 6 simple machines listed in pictures
         above. Vehicles = 2 axles (worth 6 points).

3) Parachute Launch = 15 pts. (the movement of a marble or ball bearing can launch a toy figure
         up  & away from your popper board that parachutes to the floor  (parachute must open!)

4) Music = 10 pts. (the marble or ball bearing hits a bell or rings a chime,  causing MUSIC to be heard!
         (extra music = 5 pts. each; limit = 3)

5) Pop Out Sign = 10 points (limit = 2) (-50 points for inappropriate message or theme)

6) New Invention = 15 pt. bonus (if you invent something new that MrC has never seen!)