Climate Change



Video Homework Assignment Sheet (pdf)
NOTE:  You must fill out one of these sheets for each video you are assigned to watch for homework during a study unit.

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In the spring of 2016 I began looking for articles dealing with Climate Change. I wanted students to have a selection of current web articles on the 5 topics below that we could analyze and discuss in class. Below is the result of my research.

All html web articles were turned into PDF files and then uploaded to a class Dropbox account and then downloaded onto each student's iPad into the Notability app. For your convenience, I have collected the files into ZIP archives so that you can download each "package" and read through the files, if you are interested. I used these PDF files as reading material for students. We would read and discuss each article in class.

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1--Greenhouse Effect


Ooops, sorry -- no flash cards are available for this unit.
You'll have to make your own set this time!

- Climate Change: Paper Flash Cards -- web
(Quiz Questions + answers ; ready- made=print, fold, cut apart)

- Climate Change: Paper Flash Cards -- pdf version to download for computer)

- Climate Change: Internet Flash Cards (Quiz Questions + answers

Test Yourself

On-Line Practice Test for Climate Change

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voki3-60.jpg Write ..
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What evidence or arguments can you provide that will convince our climate change skeptic, John, that the earth is getting warmer, that fossil fuels are a problem, and that the evidence is mounting that permanent climate change is happening on a global scale?

Each student gets to respond ONE TIME to the question. You MUST write a one paragraph response. You need to be convincing and correctly provide at least 20 solid facts, measurements, and climate change vocabulary terms in order to land an "A" on the essay.

For evidence you will have to go back and review the various climate change videos. There are nine different videos listed above with LOTS of information that you can use in your essay.