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Video Homework Assignment Sheet (pdf)
NOTE:  You must fill out one of these sheets for each video you are assigned to watch for homework during a study unit.

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Teaching Videos & Slides
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Earthquake Slides
* Earthquake Slides

Read -- CPO Earth Science book

Quiz Questions

1. pp. 181-188                (Intro.)
2. pp. 189-193              (waves)
3. pp. 194-197        (measuring)
4. pp. 198-202     (assessment)
5. pp. 181-202        (vocabulary)

1. What are Earthquakes?
2. Seismic Waves
3. Measuring Earthquakes
4. Tsunamis
5. Assessment
6. Vocabulary


- Earthquakes: Paper Flash Cards -- web
(Quiz Questions + answers ; ready- made=print, fold, cut apart)

- Earthquakes: Paper Flash Cards -- pdf version to download for computer)

- Earthquakes: Internet Flash Cards (Quiz Questions + answers

Test Yourself

On-Line Practice Test for Earthquakes

- Bonus Coupon for Test

voki3-60.jpg Write ..

Click on the PLAY button to watch the video.

Teddy wants you to tell him about earthquakes. He doesn't understand what causes them, what seismic waves are, why some quakes are big and others small, what magnitude means, how to respond during an earthquake, or much about tsunamis.

After you have heard Teddy ask you questions about Earthquakes, you'll need to consider what you would want to tell him that you learned from the chapter.

Each student gets to respond ONE TIME to the question. You should write a short paragraph for each of his questions. You need to be convincing and provide at least 20 good details in your response in order to get an "A" on the essay. [NOTE: Extra credit will be given for additional facts!]