Green Screen Movies


This project was a joint venture between sixth grade earth science classes at Chadwick PV and Chadwick International. Our goal was to host a collection of green screen earth science "Eye Witness News" videos created by students on both campuses. After videos were posted to the site, students had a chance to comment on each others' work. The project ran between January and March, 2014.


  Both campuses will be using green / blue screen setups for filming the 1-3 minute "Eye Witness News" segments.

Chadwick International students used a fully functional TV studio at their school for their productions.
Chadwick PV students used their science classroom converted into an iPad studio. All filming and editing was done on the iPad. This was a first!

Chadwick PV students used custom iPad video frames developed by Tom Clauset. Having handles on the side of the frame made possible higher quality mobile video taping with the iPad.

Green screen apps -- Mac & iPad
Green Screen Project
Development Process:
Groups of 2-4 students chose from among 50 earth science topics selected by their 6th grade teachers. The first step in the process involved researching the topic.
For PV students the research results were put into a class Evernote account. Students kept track of their growing topic understanding through a daily reflection, adding their own annotations to the web pages they collected and copied over to their Evernote group notebook. Finally, they added thumbnail images of pictures they wanted to use later in their movie.

Before filming started, students developed a story board that showed all the scenes in their movie with dialogue.

With all video segments completed, it was time to assemble the clips in a video editor. Still pictures and voice overs were added as needed.

After the movies were edited and uploaded to YouTube or Vimeo, students cross-posted them to our joint PV-CI Google Sites web site for sharing and "across the pond" commenting.