Dry Ice


#1. Magic Raisins
We start the lab series by experimenting with Sprite, carbon dioxide, and raisins. 
Cut up raisins mysteriously lift up to the top of the Sprite mixture. Why? What is going on?

 2. Mysterious Balloons
Next, dry ice is added to a flask and a balloon is attached to the mouth of the flask. Does the CO2 balloon behave differently?

#1. Magic Raisins

DRY-balloons2.jpg#2. Mysterious Balloons


3. Candle Power
Put some dry ice into a beaker and gently pour the invisible gas into an awaiting beaker with a candle lit. What do you think will happen?


4. Super-Cooled Liquid
Denatured alcohol looks very similar to water but it freezes at -130 deg. F. What will it do to a water balloon? 


#3. Candle Power



#4. Super-Cooled Liquid


5. Singing Tongs
If you use a pair of metal tongs and grab a piece of dry ice, the tongs will start to "sing." In other words, sound is created. Why?


6. Film Canister Fun
Put some dry ice into the old 35 mm film canister, pop the lid on and wait. What do you think willl happen? Why


#5. Singing Tongs



#6. Film Canister Fun


 7. Movie Fog
Add dry ice to hot water colored with food coloring and fog pours out. Why? What is happening?

8. Jet Power
Add some dry ice to a water bottle 1/2 filled with hot water and then turn the water bottle upside down. What happens? Why?


#7. Movie Fog



#8. Jet Power


 9. Sauce Pan
The outside of our dry ice holding sauce pan gets frosty? Why? What is the white stuff? Why doesn't it appear INSIDE the pan?


10. Magnetic Bubbles
Add some detergent to hot water and then add dry ice. Bingo! Bubbles that stick together. Why are the bubbles foggy at first and then turn clear? 


#9. Sauce Pan



#10. “Magnetic” Bubbles"



 11. Aquarium Magic
Put some chunks of dry ice in the bottom on an empty aquarium. Then blow bubbles in on top. What happens? Why?


12. Hockey Puck
Take a small piece of flat dry ice and scoot it across a table top with ease. Why? What is happening?


#11. Aquarium Magic



#12. Hockey Puck



 13. CO2 Balloons versus Regular air-filled balloons. The large blue and red balloons were filled with air. All the other little ones had CO2 in them. Why didn't the CO2 balloons survive? What is going on?


 #13. CO2 Balloon VS. Regular Balloon