Density & Buoyancy



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Read -- CPO Earth Science book

Quiz Questions

1. pp. 94-98               (density)
2. pp. 99-104          (buoyancy)
3. pp. 105-110                (heat)
4. pp. 94-112      (assessment)
5. pp. 94-112         (vocabulary

1. Density
2. Buoyancy
3. Assessment



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- Density & Buoyancy: Paper Flash Cards -- web 
         (Quiz Questions + answers ; ready- made=print, fold, cut apart)

- Density & Buoyancy: Paper Flash Cards -- pdf version to download for computer)

- Density & Buoyancy: Internet Flash Cards (Quiz Questions + answers

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On-Line Practice Test for Density & Buoyancy

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voki3-60.jpg Write ..






Scenario Details:
- Rowboat is 4.5 meters long
- Boat weighs 85 pounds
- Sank in 6 meters of water
- Supplies: 4-6 twenty-five foot lengths of rope
- Supplies: package of 40 large plastic garbage bags
- Supplies: 40 - 12" zip ties
- Supplies: extra rowboat to go out on lake
- tree branches near shore; so, can't drag boat out -- must float it first and then move it to the shore. 

Click on the PLAY button to watch the video.

For this essay you need to look carefully at the size of the boat, its dimensions and weight, and then at the supplies that have been collected. You have learned about DENSITY and BUOYANCY from our labs and from reading in the textbook. Using what you have learned, what sort of PLAN can you come up with that will successfully lift the boat off the bottom of the lake and make it float so that it can be brought safely to shore?

Each student gets to respond ONE TIME to the question. You MUST write a one paragraph response. You need to be convincing and correctly provide at least 20 solid facts, measurements, and climate change vocabulary terms in order to land an "A" on the essay.