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UNCLet me tell you a little bit about myself. I grew up in Winston-Salem, NC.  I won't tell you how long ago I graduated from high school -- let's just say it's been a while! (I'll give you a hint though. I was a sophomore at Reynolds High School in Winston-Salem when the Beatles first released the song "I Want to Hold Your Hand." In February of that year they first appeared on the Ed Sullivan Show and the song was #1 on the billboard charts.) After senior year at Reynolds I headed off to the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Upon graduating from UNC I headed to Bank Street College in New York City and worked on a Masters degree in Education. My first teaching job was in second grade in Elmira, New York. Then I moved back to Winston-Salem and taught first grade at Forsyth Country Day School. Imagine that -- Mr. C. working with "little people!" Well, I really loved it and had great fun with them. From Forsyth Country Day I moved into the public school system in Winston-Salem and taught at two different elementary schools and two different middle schools. From 1990 to 2009 I was a seventh grade science teacher working with highly gifted students. For the 2009-10 school year I taught 8th grade physical science at Hammond School in Columbia, SC. Starting in 2010 I switched over to California and taught 6th grade science at Chadwick School in Palos Verdes Peninsula, CA until June of 2016 when, after 45 years in education, I finally retired from teaching.

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JumpI have three wonderful sons -- now all grown up. Ethan is the oldest. He attended the School of Science and Math in Durham, NC for his junior and senior years in high school, graduated with a degree in political science from UNC-Chapel Hill, and now lives in Carrboro, NC and after picking up a Masters Degree in Library Science from UNC, decided to open a classic record store called "All Day Records" in Carrboro. Caleb majored in architecture at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, is married and has three children: Ashling, Cade, and Quinn, and now lives in Winston-Salem, NC. Caleb has a master's degree in Graphic Design from NC State University and works for a page layout software company called "Typefi" out of Australia. Aaron majored in physics, graduated from Haverford College in Philadelphia, Penn. in 2001, and received his PhD  in computer science at the University of New Mexico in Albuquerque in December of 2006. Aaron worked as a "post doc" at the Santa Fe Institute in Santa Fe, NM for several years and is now an assistant professor in computer science at the University of Colorado at Boulder. Aaron has two children:  Parker and Lexi.

How Do I Spend MY Summers.......?

Ah, this is the best part. When my three boys got older and were pretty much on their own I decided to begin taking my summer vacations out of the country. Since the summer of 1999, I have traveled and backpacked all over Europe including Greece, Spain, France, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Estonia, Denmark, Germany, Austria, Czech Republic, Poland, Slovakia, Croatia, Serbia, Hungary, Herzegovinia, Bosnia, Italy, Switzerland, and England. For 2002 I visited Thailand, Laos, and Cambodia.  In 2003 I traveled to Egypt and Turkey. For 2004 I stayed in the US and bicycled the complete length of the Blue Ridge Parkway ... solo! panda

During the summer of 2005 I traveled to China for a 21 day tour starting in Hong Kong and ending in Beijing. Yes, I got to visit the Panda Conserve near Chengdu. With only about 1000 Pandas left in the wild it doesn't look good for the species. They are very picky eaters, consuming vast quantities (up to 14 kg/day) of only one green plant -- bamboo. In addition their reproductive rate is quite low and nearly 50% of babies born in captivity do not live past the age of two. They are very gentle creatures who spend up to 17 hours a day eating because they only metabolize about 2% of the bamboo they consume. MrC

And, of course, you just can't visit China without going for a hike on the Great Wall. We drove 3 hours outside of Beijing to Simitai to hike the Great Wall for a day. There are LOTS of steps as the wall perches atop ridge lines. Originally constructed to keep out the Mongolian "barbarians" to the north the wall stretches westwards across China for some 6000 kilometers from the mountain ridges north of Beijing. The section we covered was in very good shape with only a few towers needing repair.