Heat Inside Earth



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Read -- Earth Science book

Quiz Questions

1. pp. 137-141           (sensing)
2. pp. 142-145            (interior)
3. pp. 146-149           (density)
4. pp. 150-155     (assessment)
5. pp. 134 - 155     (vocabulary)
6. pp. 145, 150   (earth diagram)

1.  Sensing
2.  Interior
3.  Density
4.  Assessment
5.  Vocabulary

6.  Earth Diagram


- Heat Inside Earth: Paper Flash Cards -- web
(Quiz Questions + answers ; ready- made=print, fold, cut apart)

- Heat Inside Earth: Paper Flash Cards -- pdf version to download for computer)

- Heat Inside Earth: Internet Flash Cards (Quiz Questions + answers

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voki3-60.jpg Write ..

Click on the PLAY button to watch the video. After you have heard our amateur vulcanologist tell you about what he THINKS he will find on a Journey to the Center of the Earth, it is your job to provide a convincing argument to show him that he is wrong, or at least, severly misinformed. What evidence or arguments can you provide that will convince our amateur geologist that things underground are NOT as he thinks they are?

Each student gets to respond ONE TIME to the question. You MUST write a one paragraph response. You MAY add pictures to help in shaping your answer. You need to be convincing and provide 5-7 good details in your response.

Note: This is a graded, on-line essay question response!

NOTE: Just saying that it gets hotter the further down you go is NOT in itself a fact. If, however, you specify a particular temperature at a particular depth, THEN you can follow up this fact with the summary statement, "It gets hotter the further down you go." You might want to include information from one or more of these chapter pictures/diagrams: p. 140 (S-shadow), p. 142 (Earth's interior), p. 143 (crust thickness), p. 144 (temperature & depth chart), p. 150 (Earth cutaway).

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