Use of Technology


We understand how important it is to know about technological advances and what technology is most relevant for learning and work, and therefore we advise you to buy literary analysis paper and be aware of all innovations and changes.


- PC & Mac laptops for use by teacher
- Smart Board Projector with interactive screen
- 24 Audience Response "Clickers"


Lab Room

- 24 EeePC Netbook Computers (one per student)
- Self-contained science wifi network
- Dedicated network printer
- Large screen LCD TV


Lab Equipment

- Earthquake detection software
- Google Earth
- Beakers & flasks
- Pan balances
- Accelerometers
- Microphones, headphones, mp3 recorders
- Assorted Earth Science lab equipment


Internet Resources

- Dedicated science web site

- Photo Gallery web site

Podcast Hosting web site

- Chadwick Podcasts