Bottle Rockets

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Bottle Rocket Construction Photo Gallery

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Bottle Rocket Playlist for 3 videos

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That Make
Rockets Fly

This is REALLY important.  If you don't get the Center of Mass high enough, your rocket will NOT fly straight!



This one answers the question, "Why do you need tail fins?"


In any Internet search engine type this in:    
"water + rocket"   ...  and follow the links.
Here are a few examples:

Mr. Hayhursts's Quick & Easy Bottle Rocket with Parachute System

Original active deployment with an airspeed flap
Rockets Away- simulation for testing rockets
Outrageous two-stage rockets
Two-stage Rocket... The Gangable Rocket
The Water Rocket Playground
Water Rocket Simulation
Anti-Gravity Vortex Rockets
Time lapse Photo Sequence of 2-liter Water Rocket (112 mph!)
Water Rocket Explorer  
Water Rocket Workshop