Bottle Boat Races


boat_logo-2013.jpgThe Great Float-Your-Boat Challenge

Deadline: MAY 13th, 2013

Challenge: Build a boat made out of recycled plastic bottles that can be raced by one or two of your team members the length of the pool at Chadwick using only hands or legs or paddles for locomotion.

Boat Turn-in Deadline: Monday by 8:00 pm – Mr. Clauset’s science classroom -- May 13, 2013

Boat Race: Tuesday afternoon, June 4

Teams: 2 to 4 people per team (1-2 people in the boat on race day)

Awards to be Presented: 1st, 2nd, 3rd place for Fastest Boat, Junk Yard Award, Best Dressed Team, Titanic Award, Craziest Design

Creative problem-solving is the name of the game. Whether you get your creative insights from methodical effort or from wide-ranging trail-and-error, building a plastic bottle boat can be -- no, make that, will be -- both fun and challenging.

Start with a design idea, a vision of what you want your creation to look like. But consider this first -- it doesn't have to be a boat at all! It can be any design you like or want to try out. Create a drawing or two BEFORE you start construction.

Planning Guide:

February ----- Build a Team & Play with Design Ideas
March --------- Create a Materials List & Collect Bottles (lots of them!)
April ----------- Go Shopping for Materials
April 13 ------  Begin Construction
May 13  ------  Bring your Finished Boat to School
June 4 --------  Race Day 

Float-Your-Boat Handouts

1. Rules  -- 2013

2. Planning Guide  -- 2013