Plate Tectonics



Below you will see an example of a structured and elaborated lesson on the topic "Plate Tectonics". From a complex task (video material, gif-examples, literature, text and essay), the child will be able to better understand the topic, because the student will: see how it looks, read how it works, consolidate what he learned in the test, and write about thoughts in an essay. If you need help, buy term papers online.

Video Homework Assignment Sheet (pdf)
NOTE:  You must fill out one of these sheets for each video you are assigned to watch for homework during a study unit.

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Read -- CPO Earth Science book

Quiz Questions

1. pp. 159-160 (Pangaea)
2. pp. 161-166 (sea floor)
3. pp. 167-173 (boundaries)
4. pp. 174-175 (metamorphic)
5. pp. 176-180 (assessment)
6. pp. 159-180 (vocabulary)

1. Pangaea
2. Sea-Floor Spreading
3. Plate Boundaries
4. Metamorphic Rocks
5. Assessment
6. Vocabulary



- Plate Tectonics: Paper Flash Cards -- web
(Quiz Questions + answers ; ready- made=print, fold, cut apart)

- Plate Tectonics: Paper Flash Cards -- pdf version to download for computer)

- Plate Tectonics: Internet Flash Cards (Quiz Questions + answers

Test Yourself

On-Line Practice Test for Plate Tectonics

- Bonus Coupon for Test

voki3-60.jpg Write ..

Click on the PLAY button to watch the video.

What evidence or arguments can you provide that will convince our Pangaea skeptic, Allen, that the earth is older than 12,000 years, that Pangaea DID exist 245 million years ago, and that continents really DO move?

Each student gets to respond ONE TIME to the question. You MUST write a one paragraph response. You need to be convincing and correctly provide at least 10 solid facts, measurements, and chapter vocabulary terms in order to land an "A" on the essay.

After you write your essay, you must respond to two other essays. "Good job!" is not sufficient. You must specifically address at least two points in the author's post. Note: This is a graded, on-line essay question response!

NOTE: Your text book is filled with helpful illustrations for this response: Where fossils were found (p. 160); sea floor spreading (p. 162); divergent boundaries (p. 168); convergent boundaries (p. 170); La Brea tar pits (p. 176-177)