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Read -- CPO Earth Science book

Quiz Questions

1. pp. 203-208          (definition)
2. pp. 209-214          (locations)
3. pp. 215-220               (types)
4. pp. 221-223            (igneous)
5. pp. 224-229     (assessment)

6. pp. 203-229       (vocabulary)

1. What is a Volcano?
2. Locations
3. Types of Volcanoes
4. Igneous Rocks
5. Assessment
6. Vocabulary


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- Volcanoes: Internet Flash Cards (Quiz Questions + answers

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This VOKI has information taken from real people who were interviewed before May 18th, 1980 when Mount Saint Helens erupted, drowning Spirit Lake under 300 feet of incandescent volcanic ash and pyroclastic flows. The 9,677 foot volcano lost 1,310 feet in elevation due to the blast. Additional destruction: 57 people died, 250 homes destroyed, 47 bridges knocked out, 15 miles of railroads and 185 miles of roads destroyed, and many square miles of forest flattened by the blast.

The Voki character is named Harry, after 83 year old Harry Truman who really did live for 50 years in a lodge on the shores of Spirit Lake. The last previous major eruption of Mt. Saint Helens occurred in the mid-1800's and the volcano "slept" until spring of 1980. How do you convince someone who has lived safely next to a giant volcano for 50 years that he should evacuate? Obviously, Harry did not know very much about volcanoes -- either why they form or, what dangers they produce.

After you have heard Harry tell you about his opinion of the suggested evacuation, you'll need to consider what you would want to tell him that you learned from the chapter. Each student gets to respond ONE TIME to the question. This is more of the classic "persuasive" essay. You'll need to decide on 3 or 4 major points and then support each point with evidence from the chapter. Make a convincing argument and provide at least 20 good details in your response in order to get an "A" on the essay. [NOTE: Extra credit will be given for additional facts!]