Photos (2010-11)


1. Pool Party

As an end-of-the-year celebration, sixth graders jumped into the Chadwick pool for some fun and a good time.

2. Boat Races

The 2010 Great Float-Your-Boat Challenge was the first one to be held at the Chadwick Pool. 

3. Bottle Boat Designs

Building a boat out of bottles takes time, planning, and effort. This group of pictures includes designs that sixth grade students themselves came up with as well as designs from across the internet.

4. Giant Displacement Tank Lab

Are boys more DENSE than girls? In order to answer this question you have to measure each person's VOLUME using the displacement method. Here students volunteered to dunk themselves in our giant displacement tank. We then measured the water that flowed out and divided their mass by the volume.

5. Bottle Rockets

Each student built a water-powered bottle rocket using two 2-liter soda bottles, several plastic file folders, and assorted tape. We filled each bottle 1/2 full of water and pumped 70 psi of air into the remaining space. 

6. Whale Watching

In October the whales swim past the Redondo Beach coast. Sixth graders boarded a sight-seeing boat and headed out into the bay to watch the whales.

7. CIMI Illustration Lab

Students headed down into the Chadwick Canyon to practice their illustration skills prior to leaving on the CIMI trip to Catalina Island.

8. CIMI Trip

Each year the sixth grade goes on a week-long outdoor education field trip to Catalina Island, better known as CIMI.  This is actually a collection of eight CIMI photo galleries:  Around Camp, Climbing Wall, Free Swim, Hall of Mammals, Kayaking, Oceanography Labs, Snorkeling, Terrestrial Lab & Hike

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Click on the picture above or on this LINK to view the 2011-12 Photo Galleries.

Photo Galleries created during the 2010-11 school year:

1. Pool Party  (June 13, 2011)    
2. Float Your Boat Race 2011  (June 2, 2011)    
3. Float Your Boat Ideas     
4. Giant Displacement Tank
5. Bottle Rockets  (December, 2010)
6. Whale Watch  (September 24)
7. CIMI Illustration Practice Lab
8. CIMI Trip  (Sept. 13-17, 2010)