Photos (2011-12)


1. Shakespeare Plays

A Mid-Summer Night's Eve

The Taming of the Shrew


Students LOVED participating in these plays! Dressing up in fancy Elizabethan costumes and getting to put on two plays in the auditorium.. what could be more fun?!

2. Bottle Boats

In groups of 2-4 students used recyled plastic bottles to  build a "boat" that would float one or more of them in a "race" down the length of the Chadwick pool.

3. Mystery Architecture

Can you use straws, popsicle sticks, string, paper, and masking tape to make a suspension bridge? How about a tower? or a boat that will float?

Now let's test your structure with weight. How many grams of mass will it support?

4. Bottle Boat Costumes

Boat building teams competed for the "Best Dressed Team" award prior to the Great Float-Your-Boat Challenge races.

5. Brazilian Dance

With professional dancers providing instruction, students learned several athletic and challenging Brazilian dance steps and routines.

6. Accelerometer Lab

An accelerometer measures motion in three dimensions:  up, down, and back and forth. These are used in earthquake sensing thoughout the US. 

Students experimented with matching X-Y-Z plane movements with their associated computer readouts.

7. Earthquake Lab

Sandpaper provides a great model for the stick and slip motion of earthquakes along fault lines. 

Here students pull sandpaper blocks down a sandpaper strip and collect potential energy data from custom-developed tension meters.

8. Bottle Rockets

Bottle Rockets prior to being launched. We filled them 1/2 full of water and then pumped 70psi of air from a bicycle pump into the remaining space in the lower bottle. Firing them off at 60 degrees, the rockets reached distances of over 100 meters.

9. Rocket Construction

Each student built their own bottle rocket out of two 2-liter soda bottles, tape, and plastic file folders.

10. December Dance

One of the sixth grade exploration classes organized and produced the December Dance for our whole class. It was great fun!

11. AMOCA Visit

The American Museum of Creative Arts (AMOCA) was the destination for an art field trip. Students were able to watch a professional potter at work as well as create their own ceramic art work. Our stay ended with a visit to the museum gallery.

12. Podcasting Project

After our CIMI trip in September, students returned and created stories of their adventures. We recorded these stories and edited the resulting audio files on classroom computers. 

The mp3 sound files were then uploaded to the internet.

13. Whale Watching Trip

In October the sixth grade team boarded a whale watching boat in the Redondo Beach harbor and headed out to see the whales feeding off shore.

We were astonished at how close the whales came to the boat!

14. CIMI Trip

There are seven (7) separate galleries in this CIMI Field Trip collection: the boat trip over to Catalina Island, Around Camp, the Climbing Wall, Hiking Trips, Kayaking, Marine Biology Labs, and Snorkeling.

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