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Students had a BLAST on this trip. With so many activities and new friends to make, it was non-stop from Monday to Friday afternoon. There are nine separate photo albums contained in this section dealing will all aspects of the trip, including a series of short video clips. Check out pictures of the Boat Trip, Camp, the Climbing Wall, Free Swim, Hikes, 

Bottle Rockets


Each year sixth grade science students take two weeks to build a bottle rocket in class. Great care is taken with the fins and nose cone. When January rolls around, we launch on the playing field. It's a great project and a good way to learn about Newton's three laws of motion.

Brazilian Dance


Capoeira is a strenuous dance / martial arts combination from Brazil. Students enjoyed the Friday afternoon introduction to Brazilian dance. 

iPad Projects


This was our first year of the 1:1 iPad program for 6th grade. Students learned a lot of new apps! We use Audioboo to do audio recordings, Notability to keep track of handouts and "How to do it" manuals, Kidblog for posting digital portfolio projects, iMovie and Explain Everything for making movies, and specialty apps like Title FX, Action FX, CutMeIn, Thinklink, and Tellagami for special projects.

3D Country Projects


In social studies classes students chose a country to study and then produced a 3-D display model introducing visitors to their country. 

3D Country Closeups


There were so many creative ways of illustrating buildings and natural landscapes for the 3-D country projects that we just had to capture closeups!

Boat Races - 2014


As a culminating activity for our studies of density and buoyancy, students work in teams of 2-5 students to build a boat out of recycled plastic bottles. The boat has to successfully float one or two of the team members. On race day, all of the boats hit the Chadwick pool for the final competition.

Pool Party


On the next-to-last day of school students spent the morning at Mulligans for a bit of fun and excitement followed up by an afternoon at the Chadwick pool to cool off and enjoy the last full day of class.

Shakespeare Plays


At the end of the year, humanities students put on Shakespearian costumes and recreate shortened versions of two of Shakespeare's plays. 

Students Say Goodby - 2014


At the end of the year, MrC asks his science students to make a card with a picture on the front and a message inside that captures their thoughts about their year in science. This photo gallery captures a few of those pictures and messages.

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Listing of Individual Photo Galleries for 2013-2014

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