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Posted by MrC on

Some years ago, on the front page blog that I have used since 2006, I enabled student comments. Unfortunately, I had to go into the blog code and delete the comment section because I found that my 7th graders couldn't handle comments responsibly.

So, this is another attempt to see if it's possible to have a somewhat "open" comment page on a teacher's web site. If the comments turn sour or it looks like the idea is not working, I'll delete the offending comments, or the page itself, and we'll move on from there.
Posted by Bill Blanton on
Hey Tom,
Nice to see you at the telepresence. Sort of an upper school discussion though, eh?
I like this site and am using it to model a parallel site here for CI. It will take time, but it is underway.
I will be emailing you soon about collaboration as we are mandated by administration to do about four concrete steps to turn in. I will cc you about that.
Later friend,

Posted by Adrienne DeWolfe on
I teach teachers to use technology in Contra Costa County, the SF Bay Area. I was looking for toontastic samples to share in one of my workshops and stumbled upon your blog and then your hall of fame on your kidblog. I just wanted to say what fantastic work your students are doing - truly awesome. I would like to use the Pangea video as a sample with your and your student's permission. Keep up the great work!
Adrienne DeWolfe
Posted by Jeffrey Willey on

Your videos on bottle rockets are excellent. Thank you so much for posting them and for keeping them posted. Our Boy Scout troop is using them so they can build their own and get a merit badge. Awesome work!

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