Stone Mountain, 10/16



In early October we scheduled a four day camping trip to Stone Mountain State Park. Bad weather threatened with lots of rain on Friday, so we waited until Saturday to head for the campsite.

We arrived at site #14 and set up our tent and picnic table shelter. With bicycles unhooked from our hitch rack we were ready to settle in for a relaxing few days at the park.

Sunday we donned our water shoes and headed to the creek at the base of the mountain to see what we could find. Hopping from rock to rock and wading in shallow water areas, we let loose a flotilla of leaf boats and watched the antics of water striders and diving beetles.

Our goal Monday was to hike to the top of Stone Mountain. We met Steve, the turtle, along the way and were able to look over the tree tops and see for miles across the valleys from the mountain top.   Tuesday before we packed up to leave, we decided to hike to the 200 foot waterfall at the base of the mountain. It was close to 5:30 pm before we rolled back into Winston-Salem, tired but happy with a successful second camping trip completed.

 campsite.JPG  campsite-number.JPG
 Our Campsite at Stone Mountain State Park Saturday - Tuesday (it rained on Friday)
 Hammock-play.JPG  Ashling-hotchocolate.JPG
 Hammock Swinging -- Full House!  Hot Chocolate for Cold Mornings!
 Cade-campfire.JPG  Ashling-smores.JPG
 Flashlight Photography  Smores Were a BIG Hit!  -- So Yummy!
 SugarMaple-seed.JPG  lichen.JPG
 October Seeds -- Sugar Maple   Lichen in the Forest
 cade-seeds.JPG  Cade-stream.JPG
 More Autumn Seeds  Cade Boulder-Hopping & Stream Wading
 Trail-sign.JPG  top-of-mtn-movie.JPG
 The Start of Our Trek to the Mountain Top  At the Top -- Movie Making
 TopofMtn-Portrait.JPG  StoneMtn-elevationsign.JPG
 Top of the Mountain - Group Portrait  Although a short hike... It took us several hours!
 waterfall-grouppicture.JPG  mini-falls.JPG
At the Base of 200ft Waterfall  Miniature Waterfall along the trail
 Cade-TreeHollow.JPG  Quinn-woolyworm.JPG
 Cade sitting in an old Cabin Chimney  Quinn with one of the many "Wooly Worms" he found.


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