Bunk Beds & LEDs


MakerSpace Project #1 for Grandpa: Ikea Triple Bunk Bed

I got this idea from the Ikea Hacks web site: a corner triple bunk bed for Ashling, Cade, and Quinn when they come over to visit when we have "MakerSpace" weekends.

It's made from two bunk bed sets with a few of my own modifications thrown in for safety and stability. The kids loved the bunks and the bedroom all to themselves and have already started to "decorate" their spaces.

MakeSpace Project #2 for Grandpa: LED Bunk Lights Strips

The three level installation was supposed to be to illuminate their "fort." Haven't seen a fort appear yet -- maybe next time.

Each level of LED lighting is controlled by it's own switch or hand-held remote. You can choose intensity, color, and even a light-rotation sequence. Lights were secured to the underside and outside of bunks using a glue gun to hold the strips down and a series of furring strips on which to mount the strings.