Pressure Labs 2/17


February MakerSpace Activity -- 3 Short Air Pressure Labs

Air Pressure Labs is an opportunity to learn the theoretical part of the school material in a playful way (by experimenting). Children visually perceive the result, so they can more easily absorb the theoretical part. If you want a developed lesson like this example, you can contact 123helpme.

Candle in a Flask -- When the candle goes out, the resulting temperature change creates a low pressure area inside the flask, drawing liquid up around the candle.

Cartesian Divers -- In a sealed bottle of water, an eye dropper 1/2 full of water is able to float, sink, or hover in the middle of the bottle depending on how much pressure you apply to the outside of the bottle. The outside pressure is transferred to the tiny bubble inside the eye dropper, changing it's density, and thus causing the eye dropper to float up or down or hover. Very cool!

Balloon & Flask -- Hot water is boiled inside the flask. This turns water vapor into a gas with thousands of time less density than the air it replaces. As the water boils, the balloon is inflated with expanding water vapor (gas). As the flask cools off, the pressure drops and the balloon is slowly drawn inside the flask and reverse inflates. Very cool!