LED Halloween



MakerSpace Project for Grandpa:
          Halloween Costume

This was Cade's (age 7) Halloween costume this year.

We used a black hooded sweatshirt and black pants and then I attached strip LED lights powered by a 12volt rechargeable battery to power the lights.

Even though I followed directions on how to put it all together from an Internet article, I still had to relearn delicate soldering to get all the wiring connections to work. This project even had a switch. You could turn it on or off as needed.

Although the LED light strips had a stick-on tape backside, I ended up doing lots of hand sewing to keep the strips in place.

You have to be careful with how the strips are connected. Any stretching or turning of the body can disconnect the wires if the strips are not fastened securely. I ended up using hot glue gun glue to seal the connections and keep them from moving. Next time I try something like this I'll know that the weakest links are the connections!

This was quite a project, but SO DRAMATIC at night!