Hall of Fame


Digital Portfolio entries that are outstanding project examples will receive notification in two ways: 

1) MrC will add a special Hall-of-Fame4.gifTAG to the post that will identify the submission as a HALL OF FAME entry; and,

2) The HALL OF FAME logo will be added to the blog post where the entry is shown.

A digital portfolio HALL OF FAME entry must meet the following criteria:

1. It must show a thorough understanding of the content.
2. It must be well-crafted and executed.
3. It must be an excellent example of what is possible using the project software.
4. It must show creativity and originality.
5. It must be of an appropriate length.
6. Errors must be kept to a minimum.
7. Audio narration must be well-executed.
8. Visual images must be interesting and match the narration.
9. It must be “Amazing!”

Click on this .. LINK .. to go to KIDBLOG to view current entries in the Digitial Portfolio HALL OF FAME.