Uploading a Video to the Class YouTube Account

1. Log out of your Chadwick email
2. Go to YouTube
3. Log in with this information:

          Password:  dolphins2019

4. Upload your video; Once the video has finished processing....
5. Look for "SHARE" underneath the video; click on the "Share" word
6. Copy the YouTube URL
7. Go to Kidblog
8. Login & create a new post
9. Look for the insert media icon above the text insert box
10. Choose "URL" & "audio / visual"
11. Paste in the YouTube URL
12. Put in a title & a description
13. Click on TABS and put in a Tab for the software you used to make the video AND the general science category of the project.  Click "ADD" to save your tabs for your post.
13. Click on "Publish"
14. Click on "VIEW POST" to see if it displays properly. 

Uploading a Toontastic Animation from an iPad

1. On your iPad, go to SETTINGS and scroll down to the TOONTASTIC app listing.Toontastic-Icon.png
2. Put in this information for email and password for the Toontastic app:

     password:   dolphins

3. Go to your Toontastic cartoon and put in "dolphins" as the password.
4. If it says that it has uploaded the animation successfully, you can go to the Toontastic web page at using a laptop.
5. In the upper right hand corner of the page, find "Log in to Toontube"    -- click on this link.
6. Type in email:         
7. Type in password:   dolphins
-- Click on the LOG IN button -- 
8. At the top right-hand side of the next screen it will say    "Howdy Mr! Account Settings / Videos by MrClauset / Logout"
10. If your Toontastic video uploaded correctly, it should show up on the next screen.
11. Click on the title of your video -- you will be taken to a page showing your video.
12. Below your video look for the "EMBED" icon and click on that. Copy the EMBED code
13. Click on the APPROVE button so that your video will go public.
14. Go to Kidblog and paste the EMBED code into the HTML section of your post. 
15. Add a title and a description. 
16. Add two TAGS: 1) to identify what software you used to create the video; and, 2) what the major topic is. Click on ADD in the Tags Block to save the tags you created for your post.
17. Finally, click on PUBLISH to save it
18. And then click on VIEW POST to see if it worked correctly.

Adding an Audioboo Post to Kidblog

1.   Log in to Audioboo (
2.   Find your podcast (check “Boos” or “Boards”)
3.   Use your cursor to highlight the DESCRIPTION.
4.   COPY the description
        (Command-C on the Mac)
        (Ctrl – C on the PC)
5.   Log in to Kidblog (
6.   Use your Moodle password
7.   Create a new blog post
8.   PASTE in the Audioboo podcast description
         (Command-V on the Mac; Ctrl-V on the PC)
9.   Create a title for the blog post
10. “Publish” the blog post
11. Return to Audioboo (
12. Find your Audioboo podcast again
13. Click on the picture for your podcast
14. Right click or click and hold on the picture until you get a command that says "SAVE IMAGE LOCATION"
15. Go back to your Kidblog post and choose INSERT MEDIA above the text area.
16. Choose by URL and PICTURE. Paste in the URL. Click SAVE or INSERT
17. Use your cursor to RESIZE the picture by grabbing the right hand top corner and moving it down diagonally to the left.
18. Click on UPDATE to update the post
19. Now go back to Audio boo and click on the EMBED button.
20. Go down to the bottom choice that says MORE OPTIONS and choose the last one that says IF ALL ELSE FAILS. Copy that embed code   (Command-C on the Mac; Ctrl-C on the PC)
21. Return to Kidblog (
22. Find your previous blog post
23. Click on “Edit”
24. Choose HTML (top right corner of edit window)
25. “Paste” the embed code below your description and picture
26. Return to the “Visual” mode“UPDATE” your blog post.
27. Choose “VIEW” blog post and your picture along with a blue audio player show appear along with your title and description.

PS. Don't forget to identify your post by two TAGS:  1) The software you used; and, 2) The General science topic